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There are approximately 1,300,000 Class 8 trucks (18 wheelers) that operate primarily on long haul routes. Currently each of these trucks drive 100,000+ miles each year and average only 6 mpg or less.

How much fuel would be saved by designing these trucks to get 9 mpg?

How many tons of CO2 emissions would be saved?

How much money would each truck save in fuel per year?

BMI, along with several partners, is designing a truck that does just that! learn more »

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Who we are...

CFD on airplane

BMI Corporation employs some of the best engineers in the world applying cutting edge aerospace technology to everything from ballistics to motorsports. Using some of the latest technology, BMI works with companies to cost effectively develop the best possible product. BMI's services include Aerodynamic testing, cad design, manufacturing and laser scanning.
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Going green?

BMI Corporation has become a leading consultant for green efforts in transportation. Reducing the fuel use by cars, trucks and planes will make a large impact both environmentally as well as economically. Long haul trucks alone emit 423,000,000,000 lbs of CO2 annually!

BMI has a great deal of experience working on programs aimed at increases in fuel efficiency. This includes projects on the MD80, a commercial plug-in hybrid electric van with Bright Automotive and a Ford Motor Company concept car. In addition to these projects, BMI has put together a team to design and manufacture a new long-haul truck.

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.308 Caliber Bullet

BMI did a case study on the 155 grain .308 caliber Sierra boat-tail hollow point bullet to prove the accuracy of their CFD prediction for external ballistics of a projectile. The .308 Sierra was chosen because it is the most popular Plama competition bullet. For this reason there is also a great deal of experimental data available for the drag and flight characteristics...

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CFD on bullet